Back Bend and Balance Challenge.

Begin seated and arrive into breath, preparing to move steadily, slowly and with a clear focus. We are waking the core to start. There is emphasis on working the back of the legs to get securely grounded so that warrior poses feel strong and enjoyable. There is an interesting sequence into back bending work from all fours that is challenging yet invigorating and that teaches you how you can control your energy flow. Deep lunges that work strength into the inner legs in preparation for an exciting balancing backbend from downward dog. After, it’s Pigeon Pose, with twisting variations, to cool down and release energy. Then forward bending to stretch the spine and reclined leg stretch before falling back into savasana.

Level 2.

1 hr

Sweet Strong Whole Body Flow.

Today we are flowing through a full body sweet and strong flow. Concentrating on abdominals, shoulders, arms, legs in interesting variations of standing poses and reclined poses. There are Chair Pose variations and challenges for the arms. There are plank variations that activate the core and upper back. Back bending in Bow pose to open the heart. Then stretching out legs, spine and neck after all the stamina work. Sink into a supported savasana and enjoy the sweet resonance of this practice.

Level 2.

1 hr.

Total Flow from Head to Toe.

Begin on your back and wake up the back of the legs while opening the chest. Work through lunges, emphasising use of the back then flow through warrior poses to energise the body in a total flow. There is plenty of leg work, twists and variations of bridge pose. Core work to realign the centre followed by sweet seated stretches to realise all around the hips and lower back. Then lie back into Happy Baby pose to undue tensions and finally sink into a nourishing savasana.

Level 2


Twisting for Joy!

This is a Twisting Flow class putting emphasis on raising energy and cleansing the body. We start seated to arrive, breath and being to stretch the torso awake. Then moving through lunge sequences and lengthen the hip flexors, tone the legs and open the hips. We have interesting variations of Warrior 2 pose the create side body awareness and strength. There is an exciting wide legged forward bend that open the outer hips. We flow into challenging three legged dog balances that are totally for fun! Bridge pose is the heart opener, followed by abdominals and then we take our stretches lying down. Empty out, let go and relax into savasana.

Level 2.

1 hr

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